Hey stranger,


Wondering where you’ve seen me ? I’m the girl you’ve noticed at that bar dancing by herself eyes closed illuminated by the glowing of a disco ball. Or the one loading her car promptly as she decided on a whim to take a break from the city and go camping on the edge of a river. You want to dance and be with her, get to know her universe, share a piece of that freedom and lightheartedness she inspires as you pass by her. You want to be refresh, woke up. 


Here I am, Melina, a 25 years old fearless lover. In the flower of my adulthood, I'm eager for my next adventure, thrilled by the risks, the discoveries and the unsolved mysteries that are to come and that I'll grow from. 


On first sight, you’ll be captivated by my sweet beauty, my bedroom eyes and my adorable smile that hang from my naughty lips. My lithe and luscious curves won’t miss to give you the most comfortable caresses. Flirter in the soul, I take much pleasure into seducing and being seduce. I’m amazed by the magnify of the trembling of our bodies, as we devour each other’s eyes, share our deepest desires and feel our skin for the first time. 


Above all things, I crave for respectful and meaningful relationships that shape themselves through mindful consent and mutual pleasure.


And you ? You are looking for a joyride that’ll make you lose sight of your worries and evade your daily routine. You know what you want and you're going for it ! 


Come on baby, light my fire !